Between Shadow and Flame there is the world of Lux…

Thirty five years ago The Masked King, Heir, Keeper and Guardian to the I’lithitar and High Prince of Valaria, Arden Wraithsbane after a decade long civil war overthrew his tyrannical Father with an army at his back and a party of close rebels at his side. He now rules the Empire united but at an uneasy peace

Many don’t want another Wraithsbane Emperor on the throne, after the past 200 years of chaos and shadow brought by Arden’s father and grandfather before him, but few can stand against the Sorcerer kings might and many more see him as a Liberator and a Hero who saved the world from certain doom.

The World is and has been at a Political Standstill for many years none dare challenge Arden for power but Subterfuge and political intrigue are not uncommon and assassination attempts are not unheard of. Lux is at peace but it is “the Emperors peace” his word is absolute law and those who question it are quickly dealt with.
The Empires Heart is the City of Shadowguard quite near the Center of the country of Valaria it is the seat of power for the emperor but its day to day operations are delegated to “The Imperial Council” a highly powerful and influential council of Mages from the Noble Magical bloodlines, Whom claim to trace there lineage back hundreds of thousands of years to the beginning of recorded civilization. These Noble Houses have ruled Shadowguard and in turn the Empire for thousands of years. While other kingdoms are ruled by their own governments and governmental styles, the Imperial council and ultimately the Emperor have final say on everything that is within the borders of the Empire (which is almost everything lol)

Magic is a rare gift. It is the Spark of the great Inferno of creation that lies in all of us, but some of us more than others, learning you have this power is called awakening and usually happens around puberty if not some time shortly after. Magic allows us to manipulate the world around us in small but noticeable ways through the use of spell craft and the channeling of the cosmic fire within. Magic has always been revered in the world of Lux as sacred and beautiful but like all fire if untamed it can, in some instances consume the user and everyone around it this is known as the dragons curse and is considered to be among some of the world’s greatest tragedies. Many children in the Kingdoms are taken away by the Imperial council to the Halls of Eternity for just this reason to be trained in the use of magic so they may better themselves and the world as a whole. In rare but not unheard of cases magic has been obtained through unnatural pacts with Foreign and Powerful beings or other means considered unnatural and in even rarer still cases are those of the children who are not brought to the halls in time and are consumed by the dragons curse but survive tempered by the flames within learning instead to channel it in different ways.

The Clergy is Reborn in the new age under Arden’s rule the Temples of the gods once divided are now united under a single Governing body, perhaps one of the only organizations not directly subservient to the will of the Empire in all matters .The Grand Cathedral in Shadowguard is an Enormous monument to the faith of the people and Holds Temples to all of the main Gods worshiped in the Empire and even some minor shrines to lesser known spirits and god, United after the war, Arden Gave the seat of the Hierophant to his close personal friend Joseph Ranamus who in turn united the temples and began construction of the Grand Cathedral of Valen in Shadowguard. This was taken as an affront to some and a relief to others Ranamus had betrayed his oaths to journey with a younger Arden and wage war against his father believing not only in the cause but Arden himself, Once Emperor he rewarded Joseph Claiming there was not a more devoted member to his faith than Ranamus himself.

But Lux is not just the portrait of Political intrigue and Backstabbing painted by the Aristocratic Mageocracy of the Empires capitol of Shadowguard, the world is vast and filled with Adventure, From the Castavani coasts of Sarvosa, its neighboring deserts and oases of the Zairan kingdoms to the far flung verdant Jungles and deep forests of the eastern continent of the Caleneska Land of the Elves and where the realms of the Fae bleed into Lux’s Astral borders or the Frozen North of Ozemm where the Grey tribes Reside and beneath the craggy mountains the Dwarves lay their claim.

It is a big wide world alive and constantly moving and many things are happening both on the surface and beneath.

Will you be a Hero, a villain or something in between? The Choice is yours.

Avalon (Shadowguard)

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