Arden Wraithsbane

Emperor of Shadowguard "The White/Masked King"


The Masked King Lord of the Empire of Shadowguard and the Most powerful Sorcerer On the Plane He is a Tall Figure standing 6’1" but Seeming much larger in person He seems to Drip Intimidation And Command Reverence

He is Often Seen Wearing Ornate robes or his Famed Armor And the Blade Aptly Named “Shadowbane” is never far from his side

Few Alive today have ever seen the White King without his Mask Adorned with semi glowing Sigils and seals None know the power of the mask or its significance it is treason to ask the king of such things

His eyes Are an icy blue/white so bright they seem to pierce the soul and almost seem to Push back against the shadows of the hood on his head

His hair is Shoulder length and Most often Black but has been seen different colors

Under his armor the Lord of Shadowguard has an Athletic Warriors build Etched with storied scars and Tattoos of Ancient and Esoteric Symbols


Arden Wraithsbane

Avalon (Shadowguard) Arden_Wraithsbane